Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) Presents BankWorks Program as a Career Pathway for our Students

20161013_115232Cloud & Fire’s Career Pathways class received a special visitor last week when a representative from Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) came to present on their BankWorks program. This is a free 8-week course that prepares students to enter the field of financial services. Ms. Berghoudian explained the basics of what students would be learning, including professionalism in word and deed, how to serve bank members like customers, and especially how to sell themselves to potential employers once the program ends. The session was extremely informational and students had the chance to learn about entry level jobs, like being a bank teller, as well as the higher level positions within a career in banking. Students had so many questions, ranging from program logistics to exactly how BankWorks would support them as they actually started their career, and Ms. Berghoudian graciously answered them all. If our students were not interested in financial services as a career, many of them are now! BankWorks was not the only program advertised; Ms. Berghoudian also gave some information on ApartmentWorks and HealthWorks, similar courses for students interested in the building management or health fields. Hopefully this gave students some ideas about career interests they had not yet explored, especially those seniors that are quickly approaching graduation.



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