The Watering Hole

Cloud & Fire’s latest Watering Hole event was a testament to the strong and supportive community that this organization is known for. The evening would not have been possible without every person involved, from the students who made coffee and hot food all night, to each performer that graced the audience with their talent.

7478Preparation for the Watering Hole took place long before the night of the event. A group of students were actually trained to use the espresso machine so that they could serve as baristas. They received quite a bit of training and even got to learn about the science behind brewing coffee and steaming milk. By the end, we had several new espresso experts who were ready to get behind the counter.

Another major part of the night was preparing the lineup of amazing artists. There was a huge range of talent: singer-songwriters, spoken word artists, rappers, and even a yo-yoist and a comedian! It was no surprise when the event itself was absolutely packed and the energy was high through the whole night. Student baristas were working hard putting drinks together and preparing food. In fact, our student volunteers really made everything possible, from setup to tear down. Though it was a lot of work, The Watering Hole was a success in bringing together Cloud & Fire community.

Follow the link to check out the live  Watering Hole Performances on periscope!


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