Cloud & Fire, Where Hip Hop Lives!


Erick “Spider” Paul leads the group as they learn a new routine.

Every Thursday from 1-2pm, Cloud & Fire YouthBuild has our weekly Enrichment Hour where various instructors host clubs, study halls, and other groups with the hopes of enriching our students’ lives. One of the most lively and active clubs is Hip Hop Dance club. Each week, one of the incredible dancers from the Cantinas Dance Project teaches about a dozen enthusiastic students.

After interviewing many of the club members, we received some great feedback about their experience. One student, Nikki, reports, “I like it because I love dance. It is one of my passions. I look forward to it each week.” Another club member, Winter, says, “The club is pretty cool. The Cantinas instructors teaching us are great. Maybe I’ll even go to their studio one day.” One of the few male members, Salvador, told us, “I like the teachers. I would like to stay longer than one hour if I could.” The overall feeling is very positive. We are excited to see this club continue and want to send a huge thank you to the Cantinas Dance Project for partnering with us!  



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