Apples, a Test, and a Science Teacher

What do apples, a multi-subject test, and a science teacher have in common? Only one of the greatest programs ever created — HiSET Healthy Options! Let’s put all of the pieces together: Mrs. Christine is our fearless science and HiSET teacher here at Cloud & Fire. What is the HiSET? We’re so glad that you asked! It is the modern day version of the GED, and stands for High School Equivalency Test. That’s right, our students have the option to study all of the core academic subjects, pay a small amount, and take a test to satisfy a large portion of their credits. Some students even choose to take their passing score and use it as an equivalent to high school graduation. Pretty cool, huh?

Now, what do apples and healthy options have to do with all of this? Well, our science and HiSET teacher, Mrs. Christine, is all about nutrition and developing healthy habits in our students. She came up with the brilliant idea of having students who need scholarships to pay for the HiSET sell healthy food to our student body. Typical options include Chobani yogurts, baked potato chips, bottled water and various fruit options, including apples, of course! Within the past month that we implemented HiSET Healthy Options, the response has been incredible. Students are gobbling down the yogurts and apples much faster than they can be restocked, almost daily. Mrs. Christine is blown away and smitten by the positive response. In her words, “My world has been rocked!” She hopes to change bad habits in our students from a tendency of reaching for high sodium, high carb foods. Here at Cloud & Fire, we all hope to establish a culture of health at our school and even in our students’ families.


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